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Are you looking to be more productive?
We created Smart Pill for people that want to get more done during their days. On top of the Smart Pill, there are couple things you can follow to be more productive.

Put your phone away.
I know you try to avoid your phone every time it rings, and you might be able to do it, but this still gets you distracted every time. What is that we suggest is remove the sound and vibration of your phone and put it away. Not hearing your phone will not take your attention anymore just remember to check it whenever you finish the task (you don't want not to respond your wife)

Take a Nap
Yes I know you are happy to hear this, the best way to be productive for longer is to take a 20-30 min nap to get you awake and ready to go. Try to do it during your lunch break or your boss might not appreciate that

Take breaks
Take little breaks every couple of hours, one of the best things we found to help during long days of work is to go for a 2-3 minutes walk and get some air during our business.

Work smart
Sometimes all those long tasks seem never to end but if you plan it right and follow your plan, it will be much easier and can finish everything faster.

Adding a workout to your busy schedule might be simpler to say than to do but if you can put in a 30 min workout in your mornings, this will improve your day in incredible ways. Working out will wake you up, will make your body start working and give you that energy boost. Not talking about getting in shape and being healthier.

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