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Noopept, or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine is a proline-containing dipeptide that is an amino acid analogue.

Noopept and other nootropics can exert their effects directly on the brain because they can readily pass through the blood brain barrier. Noopept is one of the nootropics out there that has the term of Smart-Drug.

It is also one of the strongest nootropics you can get with the least side effects.

Noopept’s only side effect is headache but this is not common. It mostly occurs when the person is more prone to headaches or there are other weakness in the body. I have personally taken between 30 to 90mg a day and have encountered a headache only a couple times due to tiredness and lack of sleeping.

So, let’s look at each of Noopept’s supposed benefits in a bit more detail.

First, it improves the quality of memory recall, which means it will help you to more easily remember things in your brain that you hadn’t thought of for a long time. It also reduces brain fog in moments of tiredness and gives you the ability to concentrate for a longer time and increases your focus.

Noopept will also prevent your neurons from being damaged while helping the communication between neurons and synapse so your brain will work much faster.

One more benefit is the ability to increase the oxygen to the brain which will help you to absorb information at a better rate.

With this said, noopept is probably the most important ingredient in a smart pill, but by itself, the output is not as powerful as it could be.

The dosage of Noopept is 20mg per day, however we recommend that people new to nootropics start with a lower dosage and increase slowly to get used to the feeling.

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