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Modern medicine has taken huge steps in the last two decades. There is hardly any disease than is not curable. The world has moved on to smart medicines that hit the particular effected area of the body. These are called smart drugs which are especially engineered in a manner to hi a particular virus or body part.

One such drug is Nootropic. This is a smart pill made with different ingredients giving it different properties. Nootropic is a smart drug or commonly known as cognitive enhancers. It improves cognitive functions like memory, retention, creative conscience, motivation and sexual drive in healthy individuals.

Many critics are weary of the side effects but science has yet to prove any adverse effect associated with this smart pill. The public admiration of this pill can be gauged by the increase in annual sale of the medical product. There are many sub-ingredients used to make this pill. One of them is Phenethylamine.

If you are feeling low and down due to depressive tendencies, phenethylamine dose can be the very ingredient you need. This is a natural way of boosting your energy and motivation. It is the ingredient that helps in reducing stress and improving your mood instantly.

The best part of this ingredient is that it is made from natural elements. The all natural ingredient is produced from an amino acid and also present in the human body. This element is also commonly termed as the love drug ingredient. It is also used in making chocolate so appealing to its customers.

The neurological system of the human being is very much aware of Phenethylamine. It plays an important role in distressing the brain and the human body. It is also responsible for creating the sexual drive in a human being. Sometimes the drive doesn’t come naturally and has to be pushed. This ingredient is the best there is to push the sexual drive.

How does Phenethylamine work?

The basic methodology of this ingredient is that it gets absorbed in the blood stream as a first step. It then crosses the blood-brain barrier. Since the transportation is difficult, large dosages are required to achieve the desired results. Phenethylamine works on both the Dopamine and Norepinephrine production and transmitters or receptor sites. In easier words, the ingredient helps in production of these brain chemicals. It also works as an agent to stop the chemicals that lower the concentration of these two brain agents. The result is higher levels of stimulation for your Dopamine and Norepinephrine synaptic receptors.

Benefits of Phenethylamine

The main advantage of this ingredient is the enhancement of the mood and overall feeling of well being. It gives you a natural high and that gives a good feeling by default. It elevates your blood pressure and gives the same feeling as of falling in love. Another neurotransmitter which may be stimulated by the workings of Phenethylamine is Acetylcholine. This chemical plays an important role in cognitive processes like retain ability, learning curve, recalling capacity and larger attention spans.

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