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Hi there. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrei Hazazup, I am 22 years old. A pilot and entrepreneur, I’m also the Founder of Smart Pill.


Smart Pill is a nootropic supplement engineered to enhance your brain functionality, helping you with concentration, focus and memory throughout your day. I created Smart Pill a couple years ago while I was studying to become a pilot. In dire need of a mental boost, I started researching nootropics, looking for something to help me get through my exams and my long working hours.


After I had done extensive research, I bought the ingredients that I needed. I remember that on the morning I took a full spoon of the powders, the taste was horrible. However, it was working: I was more focused, and studying the whole day was much easier. I was getting more stuff done, and the first exam section went smoothly with no problems.


After a couple months, I started feeling the side effects of all this. I had less of an appetite and a big headache, because when I started, I was taking about 10 different products, all very strong. I started cutting off some things and adding others to find the best way to take my nootropic daily.


I had also contacted a company that helped with the formulation and choosing the right dosage. When everything was done, I started making my own pills at home. My roommates were making fun of me, telling me that I looked like a drug dealer.


A couple weeks later, I started giving them to my roommates and classmates to see if they worked and how everything was for them. Everyone loved my product, and there were no side effects.


Months after that, when school was over, I was left with a lot of free time. Some people asked me about my pills. At that point I was still taking them in a lower dosage but that gave me an Idea: if someone likes my pills, this could of be the start for a new product.


I started to look into companies to help me with the manufacturing and everything, and after a couple months of work, I finally found the right company to take care of manufacturing. Received my first beta sample, I found some people to try them. Everyone was happy, and it worked well.


You can read their review on our page.


Now I am proud to bring a product to the market that could help a lot of people. I believe in my product, and I am confident you will love it
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